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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout require a deeper and more professional cleaning method than the usual sweeping and mopping. To maintain a clean look through time, tile sealing is a must, especially if the tiles have just recently been installed. At Classic Carpet Cleaning we offer professional tile & grout cleaning services to ensure you recover the clean, brand new look on your floors, achieve tile restoration and then proceed with tile sealing.

We use environment-friendly chemicals to rid your tiles of any dirt, mold, and microbes. To make sure we remove all grime, we use equipment that includes a buffer machine with rotating pads and top-quality brushes. We then finish the cleaning process by rinsing and drying your floors with a professional water extractor.

Get Rid of Bacteria!

Without proper care, tiles and grouts can be the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. In time, your grouts can become dark and look dirty, needing deep cleaning to be restored. Even if you can achieve most of the daily cleaning of your floors on your own, eventually, the hiring of a professional team will be necessary. Not only will the use of the right tools help get most of the deep grime that your home tools can’t get to, but the tile restoration process requires knowledge and experience only a professional can provide.